Tommy McFarland ovvero  Carmine Charles Bevilacqua

Il Rocky Marciano torrese


Carmine  Domenico  Bevilacqua, detto  Charles sicuramente è stato l' unico pugile professionista di Torre le Nocelle. Difatti   era figlio di Emilio e Florinda Frongillo, torresi emigrati a Boston.  Emilio aveva una rivendita, di liquori in società con  Ermalindo Domenico Capone - la "Capone e Co." al 515 di Hanover Street a Boston. Carmine, con lo pseudonimo di Tommy McFarland  disputò il primo incontro da professionista, categoria  pesi welter, nel 1913 a Lowell, Massachussetts  nella Father Matew Hall contro  Eddie Carr. L' incontro si chiuse alla pari. Nella sua carriera combatté in tutto 107 rounds, andando a tappeto una sola volta, nell'ultimo suo incontro, nel 1921, contro Willie Laughlin. Dopo il ritiro dalle gare fu nominato commissario di gara per gli incontri di boxe e  per alcuni anni curò una rubrica sportiva su di un giornale.


Tommy McFarland, nome  Carmine Charles Bevilacqua Nazionalità USA Global Id 306420 Hometown Boston, Massachusetts, USA Nato 1896-01-01 Morto 1954-10-01
Career Record ©
1913-10-17 Eddie Carr Lowell, US D PTS 8
1913-10-31 Larry Burns Lowell, US D PTS 8
1914-06-12 Gus Murphy Cambridge, US W PTS 10
1914-08-04 Larry Burns Boston, US L PTS 8
1915-12-28 Solly Burns Boston, US L PTS 8
1916-05-17 Johnny Clinton Marieville, US L PTS 10
1916-10-19 Willie Ryan Beverly, US D PTS 10
1916-10-30 Harry Pierce Pittsfield, US L PTS 10
1916-12-22 Chick West Boston, US D PTS
10 1920-04-15 Cleveland Johnny Downes Lynn, US L PTS 12
1920-04-29 Cleveland Johnny Downes Lynn, US L PTS 12
1921-01-10 KO Willie Loughlin Boston, US L KO

1 Record to Date Won 1 (KOs 0) Lost 7 Drawn 4 Total 12----s.


Articoli  su Carmine Bevilacqua

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno Nevada 31 July 1912 p.6 "One Round Hogan To Meet M'Farland This Evening" San Francisco, July 31. - "One Round" Hogan and Tommy McFarland are spending a quiet day in their training quarters, waiting for the gong tonight, when they meet in a 15-round battle. Hogan is an overwhelming favorite in the betting at 2 to 1. McFarland is a newcomer in the fighting game, who gained his right to meet Hogan by a decisive victory over Eddie Dennis in four rounds.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno Nevada 7 August 1951 p.12 "Graziano Has Another Doubtful Win In Ring" ... The news so went out before Norton and Commissioner Tommy McFarland reappeared at the deserted ringside and told boxing writers the final decision.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno Nevada 25 April 1953 p.10 "Collins, Carter Battle Brings Criticism Wave From All Over Country" Boxing officials, writers and many television viewers throughout the country joined today in protests against Referee Tommy Rawson for not halting sooner the beating of Tommy Collins of Boston by Light-weight Champion Jimmy Carter at Boston Garden. ... Massachusetts Boxing Commissioner Chairman Henry Lamar and Commissioner Tommy McFarland, both capable fighters of years back, declined to comment.

Reno Evening Gazetta, Reno Nevada 19 April 1913 p.5 "M'Farland Beats Knight" Oakland, Cal., April 19. - Tommy McFarland won a four-round decision last night over Phil Knight of Kansas City. "Stars and Stripes" Europe, Mediterranean, and North Africa Editions 27 October 1954 p.19 "Tommy McFarland Dies" Boston, Oct. 26 (UP) - Tommy McFarland, an ex-boxer and former member of the Massachusetts Boxing Commission, died yesterday at a Boston hospital at the age of 58.

Reno Evening Gazetta, Reno Nevada 18 March 1932 p.13 "Shade Boys Work At Odd Jobs Nowadays" Tommy McFarland, who beat Willie Hoppe and other good ones, runs a training camp and resort in the Tehachapi mountains, or did so not long back.

"The Portsmouth Herald", Portsmouth New Hampshire 26 October 1954 p.6 "Tommy McFarland, Ex-Fighter, Dies" Boston (AP) - Carmen C. Bevilacqua, 58, former Massachusetts boxing commissioner and one-time middleweight boxer known as Tommy McFarland, died yesterday in a hospital. For several years and up to the time of his death he operated a tavern on newspaper row which served as a meeting place for newspapermen and leading sports figures.